Alimenta 2000 gluten free brand

When I lived in Rome a few years ago I discovered this Italian gluten free brand, Alimenta 2000, and fall in love with their products.

Alimenta 2000 has been a pioneer in gluten free as it opened 25 years ago and since then, it has always valued quality and know how.

Today this family run business has expanded its range mixing innovation and tradition and is celebrating its achievements in gluten free products: look at this fantastic gluten free “panuozzo”, a pizza-like bread typical of the Campania region. Yesterday, I stuffed it with mozzarella cheese, ham and organic rocket from my dad’s garden, yum!

I had the chance to go to Somma Vesuviana this week and visit Alimenta 2000. I ate their fantastic freshly baked gluten free croissant, so light and tasty !

At Alimenta 2000 they are also specialised in many gluten free products that are typical of the Italian culinary tradition and they make us proud all over the world.

I loved this gluten free “graffa” that is similar to the American donut. Fried, fluffy and sugar coated, to me this is the ultimate comfort food :)!

Alimenta 2000 gluten free products range includes many products for our breakfast, lunch, dinner, gluten free bread and pizza, sweet and sour snacks, the “pastiera napoletana” cake, mix for bread, pizza, pasta and cakes.

I also enjoyed their gluten free Italian taralli with almonds and pepper.

Today for breakfast I had their chocolate chips gluten free muffin: so soft and tasty. Congrats to Claudio for making this special recipe !!

I also love + love + love their gluten free cartucce that is a biscuit made of almonds that you can spot in my photo along with the muffin.

As a child I grew up adoring them! So happy that now that I discovered I am coeliac I can still enjoy the cartucce.

Grazie Alimenta 2000!

Alimenta 2000

Via Marigliano, 40
80049 Somma Vesuviana (NA)
Tel. +39 081 893 2636





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