Antonino Esposito’s art of making gluten free pizza

Master Pizzaiolo Antonino Esposito recently opened a second venue in Sorrento, called Acqu’e Sale, down to the beautiful and picturesque Marina Piccola, the harbour of Sorrento. Acqu’e Sale is both a restaurant and a pizzeria that makes fantastic gluten free pizza.

Acqu'e Sale - gluten free pizza

I was happy to go there with my family and enjoy a delicious pizza with “datterino” tomatoes from Battipaglia, mozzarella cheese from Sorrento, and cacioricotta cheese from Cilento. The pizza was incredibly good, crunchy and soft at the same time, and the quality of the ingredients was fantastic, super fresh and very tasty.

It is one of the best gluten free pizza that I ate so far.

Acqu'e Sale - gluten free pizza - pizza margherita

At Acqu’e sale, there is a dedicated oven for the gluten free pizza – if you look at my picture, it is the small “baby” oven close to the big red ones.

Besides gluten free pizza, Acqu’e Sale gluten free menu offers many other options like gluten free artisanal pasta by “La Fabbrica della Pasta” from Gragnano, one of my favorite gluten free pasta brands and some incredibly good gluten free fresh ravioli with ricotta, small tomatoes called “del piennolo”, grated caciotta cheese and fresh basil, I ate them yesterday and they were fantastic!

All the ingredients are selected with care, sourced locally and avoiding chemicals.

The ambience is laid-back, familiar and relaxed.

I hope to go back soon!

Acqu'e Sale - ravioli
Acqu’e Sale - ravioli
Acqu'e Sale - Pizzeria in sorrento
the sea of Sorrento

Acqu’e Sale

Piazza Marinai d’Italia, 2
80067 Sorrento (NA)
Tel. +39 081 1900 5967


Opening hours

Open daily
12 am – 3 pm
7 – 12 pm


PS for the gluten free pizza, book it one day in advance



The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten




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