Miami in Paris

Wynwwod in Miami is the name of a neighbourhood that has become famous for its numerous murals, graffiti and street art through the years; today over 70 galleries and museums have opened there making it become one sought-out area for all the art lovers in South Florida and beyond.

Wynwood in Paris is a new coffee shop located in the Haut Marais that opened a few weeks ago. The owner and founder is Laure, a beautiful Parisian, nice and smiling, that made her dream come true: bring to Paris a bit of that Miami she so much loved when she was living there. The atmosphere, the colours, the vibes and let’s not forget the Art!

Laure has decided to have street artist paint on the coffee shop walls from time to time and, at the moment, we can admire the work of French artist Marko.

wynwood laure
wynwood new coffee shop
wynwood coffee
wynwood flower

I went to Wynwood for the first time with my friend Alexandra, from the blog and I was happily surprised to discover that there were several gluten free options on the menu !

I decided to go back another day in order to taste them.

So here I am on a Wednesday, ready to enjoy my lunch.

I opted for a formula with entrée+main dish+dessert.

I started with a veggie-spiced soup that came in a large bowl: it was generous, creamy, gently spiced, very tasty, just perfect for me.

As main course, I chose the chickpeas crêpe with butternut, lentils dhal, sticky rice, radish salad.

I did like it.

Actually what I liked the most at Wynwood was the fact that Laure has chosen to propose a different menu from the one you can find in the neighbourhood; today her dishes taste more like India and tomorrow, who knows? Laure tells me that she wants to propose foods that has inspired her during her many journeys around the world and bring bits of them here and there, on her table.

wynwood hot delicious soup
wynwood lunch
wynwood gluten free breakfast
wynwood cake
wynwood giant cookie
wynwood coffee and piano

As dessert I hesitated between the giant cookie (and yes, it’s really the size of a classic round shaped cake!) and the chestnut cake that had just come out of the over.

I chose the latter but I am planning to have the other one any time soon as it looks so delicious! Furthermore Laure tells me that her cook has worked at famous gluten free pastry shop in Paris, Helmut Newcake, so I bet she will have more yummy cakes popping up in the future.

As breakfast, I suggest you to taste the homemade granola with chantilly cream and fresh fruit. I paired it with a great matcha latte and couldn’t be happier. I do love both granola and matcha, I could have them everyday and never get tired of it !

Before leaving, Laure made me discover the piano she wanted to have in the coffee shop : she can play it beautifully and she is thinking of hosting concerts in the evening at the café.

Wynwood is definitely a dynamic, arty, feel-good place where I know that I will go back to taste new gluten free food and more surprises on the walls.

wynwood graffiti


61, rue Charlot
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 75 51 12 53



Opening hours

Wed – Sun
12 am – 9 pm
Closed on Mon – Tue






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