Today I tell you about gluten free snacks that are also vegan and utterly delicious: 9BAR.

9BAR is a range of bars made out of grains that are 100% gluten free, natural, and good for our health. A real boost of positive energy if we are lacking some vitality during our day.

From pumpkin to sunflower seeds, from chia to hemp – the star of 9BAR – the recipes are studied to provide our body with a good concentrate of fibre, essential fatty acids like Omega-3, precious vitamins like Vitamin B, and minerals such as Magnesium. But it is actually a complete protein containing all essential amino acids in a balanced ratio – including the 9 that are essential building blocks for good health, which is, of course, what gives 9BAR its name.

These gluten free snacks don’t lack in taste one bit as the grains are combined with nuts, fruit, carob or cocoa. They contain no trans fats, artificial additives, preservatives or colours.

Delicious and crunchy gluten free bar with seeds

I discovered this brand of gluten free snacks during SAAPs in Paris this year. The SAAPS is a fair dedicated to all sort of food allergies and I was there presenting all the Italian gluten free that I distribute today in France. After having tried almost the whole range, I can tell you that they are REALLY good! Besides when you eat one, you feel kind of full and positively energised.

Would you like to know my favourite?? Not that easy for me to choose but I’ll do my best 😉 I would say the new Cocoa kick Raspberry: a mix of grains with raspberry, coated with cocoa: delicious !

If you happen to be in France, 9BAR is on sale at Carrefour and Casino food stores.

Hope you’ll like them as much as I do!




In France the brand is on sale at:









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