Do I like it gluten free or do I like it with gluten?

Hello I am Miss Zen, the insider / outsider in the gluten free world for Baci di Dama. Living gluten free!

I keep going through my journey into this world that is new to me as I regularly eat gluten.

This time, I wanted to test gluten free pasta. I asked some advice to my favorite expert Chiara and went straight to my organic store Sequoia in Brussels.

Maybe it was the Summer or the growing success of the “no-gluten movement” but I could not find any gluten free pasta: the aisles were empty.  I did not want to try corn/rice/whatever pasta.

So I changed my plan I decided to try bread and cookies.

I already knew the delicious “Generous” cookies brand  (which I’m proud to have introduced to Chiara) so I opted for another brand to try “Les recettes de Céliane”  the nuts variant (

The bright side, I could not tell any difference in terms of texture: it tasted exactly the same as the regular brands.  

The down side: those cookies were awfully sweet, too sweet for my taste.

As usual, I asked my son to taste and he liked them a lot. He has a serious sweet tooth…   So if you like sweet treats, you should try them….

Then I picked up my first gluten free bread.  The fresh bread aisle was almost empty too. I was so disappointed!

I found some industrial version from the brand Schär. It was the only choice I had and I needed bread to prepare the picnic for my son summer camp. So I went for it……(I hope that my friend Chiara will not be too upset as she suggested better to start with artisanal, fresh gluten free bread)

gluten free bread with strawberry

The bright side: If I compare this industrial brand to other “with gluten” industrial brands like Harris – frankly it passes the test. The texture is nice. I tried it toasted for breakfast with peanut butter and also for dinner with avocado.

Not the best bread in the world but again no difference in terms of texture/taste.

I was  positively surprised ! And I did not feel down/tired after eating 2 or 3 slices.

The down side:  it is clearly an industrial brand, not very gourmet…

And I used the Schar bread for my son’s picnic: I asked him  if he liked what I prepared and he did not seem to have noticed any difference ……

Net, net: I will not buy this brand again because it is too white/too neutral for me. But it convinced me that gluten free breads are not that different from regular breads.

Next time, I do hope to share my experience with gluten free pasta and fresh bread.

I really enjoy my gluten free journey.

Food Photography by Chiara, Baci di Dama. Living gluten free

Gluten free avocado toast
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