Raw vegan gluten free all in one!

42 Raw is the first plant-based, vegan, refined sugar free, and gluten free fast food to open up in Copenhagen in 2011.

Most of the food is raw like the raw cakes and energy balls, the smoothie bowls (açai, matcha and blue spirulina) some veggie bowls (others are not), and many juices that are freshly pressed to preserve all the precious properties of fruit and vegetables.

Some foods are cooked like the pancakes, the muffins, the cookies, the famous veggie burgers served with sweet potatoes fries and the artisanal gluten free bread for the avocado toast that I enjoyed so much.

42raw copenhagen raw vegan gluten free
42 raw copenhagen
42raw vegan gluten free avocado toast

I also went there for breakfast one day and tried their granola bowl with fresh fruit and cashew cream, so naturally delicious!

I tasted some of their super food lattes like the golden with turmeric and the pink with beetroot but I didn’t like them at all because of the funky taste of the powder they use to make them…

I also didn’t like the dehydrated crackers, too heavy to digest for my stomach…

However, tastes are so personal and that’s just my feeling about them. Maybe you’ll love them…!

Overall 42Raw is a nice place with nice food, the crowd there goes from fashionistas to families with kids, from young girls to classy ladies… it’s fun to watch and it definitely makes a healthy break in the heart of the city.

42raw in copenhagen

42 Raw

Pilestræde 32
1112 København
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Opening hours

Mon – Fri
8 am – 8 pm
Sat- Sun
10 am – 6 pm





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