Very recently a press release published by OMS (the World Health Organisation) has become popular world wide in the space of a click.

It spoke about the relation between eating red meat and provoking cancer. Actually this kind of “old” news.

In 2007 the WCRF (the World Cancer Research Foundation) was already suggesting to reduce the quantity of red meat we eat on a daily basis and above all the consume of processed meat like sausages, hotdogs or wurstel for example.

Here there are some highlights that can be useful to read:

If we read it carefully, we will see that there aren’t clear and evident scientific proofs about eating red meat and cancer. It is possible but not certain.

Our advice at Baci di Dama is not to exaggerate with meat or with any other food in particular, the important to us is to vary what we eat everyday, as much as we can.

We might also add that among the negative effects of eating processed meat in general and red meat in particular there is not only cancer.

Processed meat is rich in salt and consuming too much salt puts us in danger of cardiovascular diseases. Some salamis for example are rich in saturated fats that are not very kind to our arteries!

If you love meat, we suggest eating it wisely and always having some good vegetables to go with it.

After all vegetables are packed with powerful anti-oxidants that are definitely good for us.

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