“I don’t have time to stop for lunch so I skip it”

“I have to loose weight so I skip dinner today”

These are very frequent situations and I think we have all been there at some point.

The truth is that they are all wrong. Let’s see why.

First of all skipping meals makes our metabolism slow down.

But what does it mean?

It means that our body will burn less calories thinking some famine is approaching and in order to save energy it will burn less.

Also, skipping meals will entail a loss in our muscles and an increase of our fat, all because our body will react by preserving the energy it has left.

If we loose something, it will be liquids. So yes, we can loose weight but it is going to be just … water!

If we want to loose “real” weight, our objective is to burn fats. The best way to burn fats, as we all know it, is to practise any kind of sport we like, also walking or climbing the stairs as frequently as we can is great.

Skipping meals increases also the risk of dizziness, and fatigue. The consequence can be a loss of concentration. What about those mood swings? I think we have been there, done that and not so nice to actually be … there!

It also increases our hunger: the physiological drop of our blood-sugar levels due to not eating for some time will send signals to our brain and he will start craving sugar even more than he used to. The risk is to get home and chew up whatever we find in the fridge, if not…the fridge itself!

So it might seem nonsense but at the end of the day, skipping meals will make us increase our weight.

The best thing we can advise is to have a balanced, healthy meal where we have all the nutrients our body needs to work properly: carbohydrates (cereals & co), proteins (pulses, beans, meat, fish, eggs, dried nuts, cheese) and also fats (the good ones that we talked about in our previous article).

Let’s discover with each one of our daily meals the pleasure of nourishing our body and nurturing ourselves.

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