There are many myths and false beliefs that people hear and read about celiac disease, especially on the internet. Today at Baci di Dama. Living gluten free we decided to face some!

  • Can we buy gluten free salami or ham that has been sliced by a machine that has previously been used to slice one with gluten?

The answer is yes, we can! We can be safe at the counter 🙂

  • Can we estimate the damages for a celiac person who has accidentally eaten gluten ?

It is actually difficult to say. We know that even the slightest quantities of gluten are not good for the intestine of a celiac patient, especially if by ignorance he or she keeps eating that food. It is better to ask questions and keep being informed when we go eating out.

  • What if a celiac person touches products containing gluten?

Nothing 😉 It is proven that celiac people can touch wheat flour – that does not constitute a problem – not even if inhaled. To cause real damages, gluten has to be eaten and get to the intestine.

  • If I am celiac, does it mean that I will also be intolerant to lactose?

What makes it possible to digest lactose is an enzyme that is present in our intestine. Celiac patients have damages to the mucous membrane when they don’t treat the disease so sometimes it is possible that they can’t digest lactose as well. However if this happens, it can cause aches or spams but contrary to gluten, it does not damage the body.

What about your false myths and beliefs?

Join in the discussion and tell us yours. We will be happy to come back to you.


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