He. Be. pure – simple – gluten free

He. Be. is a newly discovered brand that I spotted at Sequoia organic market in Brussels while I was grocery shopping with my dear friend Véronique few weeks ago.

He. Be. products are gluten free, lactose free, raw, natural, with no added sugar or additives.

The brand objective is to deliver the best possible gluten free products that are tasty and at the same time able to provide balanced and proper nutritional benefits so that what we eat, it can actively contribute to our health and wellbeing.

He. Be. product range is mainly focused on breakfast, snacks, and superfoods.

I had a raw snack made of buckwheat, dried fruit and nuts. It was delicious and, as they say it, it was pure, simple and natural.

I haven’t tried their breakfast range yet but planning to do it soon.

If you manage to do it before I do or if you know the brand already, please join in and share your input.

Luckily we can shop it also on line:


Or if in Brussels at Sequoia:


Baci di Dama loves He. Be. already !


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