Gluten free vegan chips

Last week I was in Berlin for holidays and went to Veganz grocery store for the first time in my life. What a fantastic place!

I was so happy to find out their amazing selection of top quality brands and products, and many are also gluten free. 

Among these I discovered Heimatgut and its incredible vegan gluten free Savoy cabbage chips. I chose the Italian herbs flavour and had a fantastic aperitivo when I got home, the day after.

At Heimatgut they chose to start from the Savoy cabbage  because it is rich in vitamins and minerals and also very low in calories. And thanks to Heimatgut careful drying processing, the properties are not affected. This means that the chips are neither baked nor fried.

All the vegetables are sustainable and locally sourced. Therefore, they use only fresh, unprocessed ingredients for their cabbage chips range and have banned artificial flavours and preservatives from their products. 

Available also the sweet potatoes chips that I bet, they must be delicious as well…!!

pS you can shop the brand also on line – please visit:

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