The most beautiful things in the world within an accessible area, but also the most delicious ones! Milan Expo 2015 is a fantastic opportunity to make a journey throughout all the continents that takes place in the city of Milan from May 1st until October 2015 and it is the largest and biggest fair ever organised around food and nutrition.

During six months Milan has become one world wide shopping window where each country is showing the best it can offer in terms of food and technologies.

The challenge for the participating countries is to provide a real answers to essential needs like being able to guarantee healthy food for all people, respecting our planet and biodiversity.

1% of the world population suffers from celiac disease and a growing number of people are affected by the gluten sensitivity (you can read our older post on this topic, so our question is: does Milan Expo 2015 provide also gluten free food?

At Baci di Dama we are planning to go and check it out but in the meantime we have been searching for you and see that there are several spots that offer gluten free foods – some of them have also been trained by the Italian Celiac Association itself in order to be able to make gluten free food that is also safe and with no contamination with gluten.

You can download this free app called “MyGlutenFreeExpo”: unfortunately it is only in Italian but we can say that it is  very simple, intuitive and handy.

It also shows many hotels, bed&breakfast, restaurants in the area that serve gluten free meals and if you are planning to travel to other locations, it is a useful gluten free map to surf and find spots in every Italian region and city you go.

At Milan Expo 2015 we won’t be starving ;)!


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