Tapioca, also known as manioca, cassava o yuca, is a plant of Euphorbiaceae species, that is native of South America. It is consumed as a starch; it is naturally gluten and wheat free and therefore easy to digest. In tropical countries tapioca starch is manly used to make bread or cooked with water, it is used to prepare soups enriched with berries, fish or meat. It is often added to milk to make it easier to digest because it contains very few dregs. It is particularly indicated for children or people with digestive problems. Tapioca is poor of properties and minerals and it is recommended to consume it with food that is rich of proteins and vitamins. The tapioca grains also called “pearls” because of their white colour and are used in the preparations of porridge, cakes, and the bubble tea.

  • SODIUM  

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