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A recent Italian study brings new, refreshing hope to improve the life of us all, gluten free people.

A group of researchers from the Institute of Food Science of the National Research Council in Avellino has developed an innovative scientific method that allows to “detoxify” wheat flour, hiding gluten to the body and by doing this, avoiding the inflammatory reaction. All without altering the organoleptic properties of the flour…shall I say, U-A-O!

Senior researcher Mauro Rossi explains: “The innovative strategy developed by the National Research Council consists of an enzyme treatment performed on wheat flour as well as durum wheat flour that is able to mask the toxic sequences of gluten.”

“With this treatment, Mr Rossi continues, gluten is no longer recognized by lymphoid cells responsible for the inflammation. This means that from an organoleptic point of view, this new flour will have no substantial differences with the most common types available on the market today.”

New results are expected in summer and researchers hope to start making this flour available by the end of year 2015.

pS if you can speak or read in Italian, here it is the website that published the breaking news:



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